•  3 Undefeated Indoor Bowl Championships
  • 5x All-Star Running Back
  • 3x League Leading Rusher
  • 3x League Leading Scorer
  • All Star Kick Returner
  • 4,438 Career yards rushing 
  • All Time Leading Rusher In Indoor Football History 
  • Running Back of the Year
  • 4 Championship appearances
  • All Time Leading Scorer in Football History (210 TD's)
  • · Offensive Player of the Year


  • 7 Touchdowns in a game (4-times) (NIFL Record)
  • Scored 46 points in single game (NIFL Record)
  • 48 Touchdowns in a Season (NIFL Record) 
  • Scored 282 points in a Season (NIFL Records)
  • Most Rushing Touchdowns in a game 7 (NIFL Record)
  •   210 Professional Career Touchdowns (Record)
  • 4,438 Career yards rushing (Record)
  • 4x Player of the week in a season (CIFL Record)
  • 41 Touchdowns in a season (CIFL Record) 
  • ​6 Rushing Touchdowns in a game (CIFL Record)
  • 124 rushing yards in a game (CIFL Record) 

*(NIFL) National Indoor Football League
*(CIFL) Continental Indoor Football League
       On the field Rayshawn Askew is a legendary elite running back, wide receiver, and kick returner that has dominated the game of Professional Indoor Football for years. Born in Cincinnati Ohio, Askew was introduced to the game of football at the young age of 6 by his role model father. His passion and love for the game grew immediately as competition became a way of life in the Askew household. Rayshawn has broken and set records in nearly every level and team he has played for. Rayshawn is credited with breaking Jerry Rice's NFL Touchdown Record by scoring a phenomenal 210 professional Toucdowns. Rayshawn is the older brother of former NFL full back BJ Askew and cousins to former NFL players Matthias Askew and Tab Perry. He attended and graduated Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati and college at Elizabeth City State University in NC where he graduated with honors in Biology Pre Medicine with a 3.6 G.P.A! 

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