#49 Branndon Leahr 
 After playing football for only two years Branndon spent all his time stuck on the offensive/ defensive line but felt like he needed to make a drastic change! After training in the ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program he made an amazing transition from a down lineman to a skilled position in just one off season and scored his first 4 Touchdowns and four 2-pt conversions of his new and improved athletic life!!! He also became one of the few players who played significant time playing both ways this year on the UNDEFEATED Fairfield 7th grade team and found his niche as a starter for every single game but one! Branndon now has loads of confidence, lightning quick feet, and speed to match and believes that he can accomplish anything! His parents says the training program works wonders!! They knew he had potential but needed a way to develop it and get him the edge he needed to become GREAT! ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING provided a superior program to up his game and created new opportunities in a major way! Branndon also achieved academic success in the classroom and maintained a 93% average in the classroom thus earning a award as a true scholar athlete! GREAT JOB BRANNDON!

ACCELE- RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING produces GREATNESS and on the field RESULTS! Congratulations to 3rd grade standouts #6Carson and #3Jake. Combined, they have accounted for a remarkable 11 Touchdowns in only two games and will look to continue their dominance as the season progresses. Carson's 8 Td Performance in last two games were of 5 and 3 respectively. More training info available at RayshawnAskew.com (DO YOU WANT TO BE GREAT?)
#6 Carson Khayo
Fairfield 3rd grade phenom A.K.A "CK6"! Carson ended his regular season game on a hot streak to the end zone with 4 spectacular Touchdowns all more than 40 yards out. He posted more than 20 TOUCHDOWNS over the course of the regular season and will look to continue putting up staggering numbers through out the playoffs and the SUPERBOWL! Carson's parents wanted him to get better last off season and to improve in overall ability, speed, lateral movement, feet work, explosion and wanted his game to be taken to the next level! ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING delivered! Great job CK6! 
Lacrosse Player Ed Carrol says he started having trouble getting around bigger defenders, dodging, and getting open shots to the goal. Prior to his senior year he turned to the ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program for help and it paid off BIG TIME!!! Ed hit the field with a vengeance! He came out faster, stronger, more explosive, and his new found later quickness and dynamic feet work earned him 68 amazing goals and 19 assists! Ed led the team in scoring and also scored a goal in the OHIO MACHINE SENIOR ALL-STAR GAME. Ed received 1st TEAM ALL CONFERENCE honors and feels the training made a major difference in his success. He says every Lacrosse player should do this training program. He says the training helped his game the most and that he would defently recommend the program to other kids and team mates because its helped his game more than anything he has done on his own and anything he has learned from coaches in general. When asked what he like most,he says "The Results"! Ed now has the opportunity to play Lacrosse for Capital University! 
#75 Brandon Williams
9th grade Princeton Vikings standout "Big B". Brandon never played football his entire life until now so his parents decided to put him in the ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program to give him a significant edge and athletic boost. Brandon earned a starting position for the entire season on O-line/D-line and his varsity coaches are already excited and raving about his ability and footwork for next year! GREATNESS training pays off! Brandon says he can't wait to get back to training!! He has tremendous upside and desires to be the best!
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ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING Congratulates 2nd grade speedster Preston Davenport! Preston scored 6 TOUCHDOWNS in a 3 game flag football tournament at Paul Brown Stadium! Preston's outstanding performance led his team to victory as they won their first CHAMPIONSHIP in the StateTurkey Bowl on Saturday! Preston has been using the A.R.A.T program to hone his skills and take his ability to the next level in preparation for dominance in full contact next season! The program has challenged his mental strength in addition to increasing his overall speed, agility, and quickness. His parents wanted to give him a significant advantage and put him in the best position to be successful and the ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program has done just that! His father sums up the training program as the GREATEST workout training, mentally, physically, emotional, program he's ever been thru! Also, describes it as a AWESOME program and says his son is now physically stronger in all aspects and is impressed with his increased ability to change directions left to right, and his focus! Parents feel their is no limits to what their son can accomplish and they love the RESULTS! Way to go Preston!
9 Payers represented the ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program on the 7th grade UNDEFEATED Fairfield team! The contributions made by the players throughout the season were tremendous and helped made the season special as they proved the significant benefits of the program! Congrats guys!
3rd Grade
The ACCELE- RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING footprint showed up big in 3rd grade SUPERBOWL win on Sunday with 3 players representing!  Jake paved the way with big runs and blocks and Carson took the team on his back and willed his team to a 28-8 victory! Carson came ready with a Rayshawn Askew inspired 4 TOUCHDOWN performance and accounted for all the TD's on the day. It was done in BIG TIME fashion and the ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program could not be more proud than to see some of its own leading the team to victory when counted on the most! The training has him taking his game to the next level says father Eddie and he cant wait to get back into the program in preparation for basketball, and another successful season and Superbowl appearance next year. Since training Carson has stepped his game up in a major way! Father says if he continues train he can play Divison1 football with the chance to go to the NFL! (CLICK here to watch Carson's 4 SUPERBOWL Touchdowns)
The ACCELE- RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program helped the K/1 to a 36-6 win against Harrison. The offense ran by Coach Rayshawn Askew himself averaged a unprecedented 30 points a game  for a K/ 1st grade age group. The team made HISTORY as they piled up more wins than any other team in the existence  of the organization! Great job to the 5 players that trained in the ACCELE-RAYSHAWN ATHLETIC TRAINING program and helped the team to a 2016 SUPERBOWL Victory!